Previous share issues via Pepins platform

This page shows the majority of the share issues previously conducted via Pepins, which primarily has been growth capital to fast-growing companies. We have advised over 35 companies raising more than one billion SEK via our platform for efficient digital capital raising. We both conduct larger and smaller transactions, but our share issues typically range in the size between 10 and 50 million Swedish crones.

Pepins network includes all categories of potential investors whom through our model invests side by side and on the same terms, no matter their size of investment. It includes institutional investors, private equity firms, business angels as well as ordinary people. Apart from issuing new shares our customers have acquired a broader shareholders’ base and experienced the business benefit from having many shareholders.

Apart from Pepins crowdfunding offer, we have also conducted several private placements for firms that have wanted to find a few larger investors. In those cases capital have often been one part and competence another. Examples of private placements are Garden Glory, Hemnet Hemnet and GAIA BioMaterials.






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