Contact info - Pepins Group AB

You will find Pepin's office and our entire team in Sickla. Near the inner city of Stockholm, five to ten minutes from Slussen.

Pepins Group AB

Värmdövägen 84,

131 54 Nacka

E-mail: [email protected]

Customer service and support Pepins/Alternativa: +46 (0)8 673 17 90

Organisation Number: 556634-8222

LEI-kod: 549300KJD6WXP2OOPT58

All communication with Pepins is either in Swedish or English, as per our terms.

Comments and complaints

We take all complaints very seriously. In order to ensure that we handle all complaints clearly, we ask that you receive your complaints in writing via email [email protected] or by letter. At Pepins, Annika Hernodh is responsible for Complaints.

Pepins Group

Complaints responsible

Värmdövägen 84

131 54 Nacka

For further information you can find our guidelines for complaint handling under the page About Us.

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